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What QR code should I use?

URL QR code

URL QR code

This one is the most versatile. An URL QR code takes your customer directly to the web page (or the file) of your choice.

Your can link your QR code to an informational page, a promotional page, a social media page (Facebook, Instagram, Tripadvisor, Youtube...), a pdf menu, an interactive map (OpenStreetMap, GoogleMaps...)... Be creative!

URL codes avoid the hassle of typing full and complicated URLs in the address bar of a browser. Therefore, they increase engagement and conversions. Please note that it is the only QR code that has to be used with an internet connexion.

Create an URL QR code

Wifi QR code

Wifi QR code

Your guests like to stay connected. With this type of QR code, you can provide them with an easy access to your own Wifi: no need for them to select the proper network nor to enter a password any more.

Wifi QR codes are a must-have:

  • In hotel and guesthouse rooms
  • In bars and restaurants
  • At professional meetings

Create a Wifi QR code

Contact QR code

Contact QR code

When you scan a contact QR code in vCard format, your smartphone prompts you to save contact information — usually a name, a phone number, an e-mail address and a company name. It is a fast way to add a new entry to a contact list.

You could print it on a business card, attach it to an e-mail or show it on your smarphone.

Create an vCard QR code

Event QR code

Event QR code

The information displayed by the QR code (date, time, venue and description) can be saved in any calendar application, providing it is compatible with the iCal format — it is the case of most of them (Google agenda, Outlook...).

You can use your QR code on a brochure or a poster for example.

Create an event QR code

Phone QR code

Phone call QR code

When scanning this type of QR code, the smartphone displays a phone number which can be dialed right away or saved into a contact list.

If you put this type of QR code on your flyers, for example, it gets easier for your customers to call you .

Create a phone call QR code

Text QR code

Text QR code

This kind of QR code displays simple text information, with no need for the user to be connected to the internet.

Use it to provide additional information, or a translation for example.

Create a Text QR code

Frequently asked questions

What will I get?
What you will get is an image with transparent background (in PNG format) that you can download on your hard drive. You can then use it on any design.
Is it free?
Yes, totally. There's no trap: we won't ask for an email address, we won't put our logo on the QR codes you download.
Do you propose color options?
No, we don't. QR codes work better if they are black (or very dark) on a white (or very light) background. But feel free to use Gimp or any other graphic editor if you want to customize your QR code according to your tastes. Don't forget to check if the QR code remains scannable before printing it.
Can I add a logo inside my QR code?
You won't find branding options on this website. A QR code should be recognizable, and we find that altering its traditional look and feel may be confusing. That said, nobody will prevent you from adding a logo by yourself in the middle of your QR code. However, be aware that it may result in a loss of information. Adding the logo next to the QR code is probably a better choice.
Is adding a call to action next to my QR code compulsory?
It is strongly advised. People are more likely to scan a QR code when they know what to expect from it.
Are jaqarta's QR codes dynamic ones?
No they aren't. Basically, a dynamic QR codes redirects to a web page that triggers some action: counting visitors, checking if the code's owner is registered in a database, etc. They are URL QR codes in essence.
What should I do with my QR code?
Creativity is king: you can print it on a brochure, a flyer, a business card, a poster, a vehicle, or any packaging. You can attach it to your email messages. You can display it on your smartphone (as an image or a pdf file) to share information with the person you are talking to.
Will my customers have to download a specific app?
In most cases, they won't have to. Modern smartphones can scan QR codes natively.